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Mike Diedrich Filmmaker

USPS Postal Creed 



Absolut Born To Mix (The Making of)



City of Chicago Infant Vaccination



University of Chicago Cancer Research



Hardees Hog Caller



Ballhawks Movie

Ballhawks is the story of the men chasing baseballs and dreams on the streets outside of Wrigley Field in Chicago. Narrated by Bill Murray, Ballhawks is part of the permanent collection at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and winner of several film festivals including Best Director award at "Best of the Midwest Show."  Ballhawks is available on Amazon, Vimeo & AppleTV

Jimmy Dean 50th Anniversary



Sargento World's Slowest Pizza Delivery



Chicago Blackhawks Christina's Goal



Unilever Dove Choose Beautiful Behind the Scenes





Cook County Hospital Tiniest Listing




Chicago Blackhawks What's Your Goal




Chicago Blackhawks Cammy's Goal



Huggies Audra's Surprise Hug




Country Crock Cover Crops



​Mike Diedrich  Filmmaker

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